My first ever album ‘A Minor Collection of Songs’ has been released!

The album is available on every major streaming platform, like Spotify, Amazon Music, Itunes etc.

The full album is available on youtube via this playlist:

My youtube channel:

I will release 1 song from my album on my own youtube channel every month with its own cover art.

This month, December 2020 it is ‘A Star’s Life Never Ends’ :

Dare_Science a new reddit community


At the Dare Science reddit ANY scientific topic can be discussed. There are no restrictions and no rules except basic etiquette, be nice and understanding.

There can be free discussions on Astronomy, physics, biology, geology, healing, etc.

Join and become a member and let free and fun science take root again.

New Paper: Stellar Metamorphosis obeys the natural law of birth, growth, degradation and rebirth in an endless cycle or a new law!

Wow, that is a long title, but the concept is simple to understand, you can find the paper here >

I explain the new law in the paper and go over each part that it consists of. At the end there is a bonus picture where i try to apply the law to the mainstream astronomy stellar evolution model/theory… the result…

Above, the Ouroboros of Stelllar Metamorphosis, i made the picture.

My single ‘Sunlight’ has been released!

Sunlight is available on most streaming platforms, like Spotify, iTunes etc, you can also find it on my youtube channel. I hope you enjoy the first song i have ever released. I am still working to record the rest of my album called ‘A Minor Collection of Songs’ which will include Sunlight and 9 other original songs, a cover song and a poem turned into a song…

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