My main research over the past years has been in Astronomy and foremost in Stellar Metamorphosis.

Stellar Metamorphosis is a new astronomical paradigm and it simply states that stars are born hot and large and as they age they cool and shrink; becoming planets! Stars and planets are not mutually exclusive, they are the same objects just at a different age.

The originator of this new paradigm is Jeffrey Wolynski, you can view his papers on viXra and he has a youtube channel:

Jeffrey Wolynski, viXra papers>

Jeffrey Wolynski, Youtube>

My papers are also on viXra>

On my youtube channel there is a video that explains some of the basics, also about life formation and you can see the evolution from star to planet:

New Papers:

Stellar Metamorphosis: Red Stars Evolve into Brown Dwarfs:

Stellar Metamorphosis Obeys the Natural Law of Birth, Growth, Degradation and Rebirth or a New Law!

New Paper by Jeffrey Wolynski:

Dinosaurs Could Submerge Themselves and Breathe While Walking in Shallow
Lakes, Their Long Necks Really Did Function as Snorkels

New Paper by Daniel Archer:

What dinosaurs tell us about Pre-Earth astrons

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